Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility Guidelines

We are truly committed to promote accessibility for people with disabilities by implementing the standards for accessibility as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This includes the use of validated Web pages created using Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) 1.1, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), access keys, and a logical tab index system.
In doing so, any user can fully access all parts of this Web site using a keyboard, mouse or speech device without restricting barriers.

Access Keys

A feature used to improve ease of navigation is the use of access keys. These are shortcut keys used to gain instant access to important or common parts of the Web site. The current list of access keys on this Web site is given in the tables below:
Access Key Shortcut
0 Homepage of Dr. Wolfgang Christen
1 Cluster Science Net
2 Bibliography Cluster Literature
3 Calendar Cluster Conferences
4 Directory Cluster Groups
6 Mailing List Cluster Science
7 Online Journals
8 Vacancies Cluster Jobs
9 Wish List
a Accessibility Guidelines
i Contact Information
j Journal of Small Systems
q Open Positions
r Research
t Terms of Use
x 'Privacy Policy' page
Access Key Shortcut
b 'Browse' page
c 'Change' page
d 'Digital Object Identifiers' page
e 'Error' page
f 'Feedback' page
g 'Glossary' page
h 'Search' page
k 'Back' link
m Email to webmaster
n 'Next' link
o 'Top of Page' link
p 'Previous' link
s 'Submission' page
u 'Up' link
w News
y 'Special Characters' page


To move from link to link, the 'Tab' key can be used to navigate around a Web page without the need for a mouse. The tab index is set up according to the following rules:
  • General navigation ('Top of Page', 'Home', 'Up', 'Previous', 'Next')
  • Links within our Web site (underlined)
  • Links leaving our Web site (marked with a red frame)


If you have trouble accessing any section of this Web site for whatever reason we welcome your feedback. Please send an email Send an email to the webmaster of this site to explaining your problem.
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