Research Group
Research group 2016

Present Members

Wolfgang Christen, research group leader
Sara Fazli, Ph.D. student
Paul Saftien, Ph.D. student

Former Members

Jennifer Groth, bachelor student, thesis Piezoelectric detection of supersonic molecular beams, 2017
Kira Gamayunova, research internship, 2017
Ilgin Can, Erasmus research internship, 2016
Albina Glibo, Erasmus research internship, 2016
Neel Reiß, research internship, 2016
Maryam Mansoori Kermani, exchange Ph.D. student, 2015
Janik Monte, research internship, 2015
Bo-Gaun Chen, Ph.D. student, thesis Cluster Formation in Supersonic Beams of Dense Fluids: A Surface Scattering Study, 2015
Paul Saftien, diploma student, thesis Winkelabhängigkeit bei der Molekularstrahlstreuung von Helium und Argon an Si(111)/SiO2, 2015
Yolanda Carrillo, Erasmus research internship, 2015
Arnau Cobo, Erasmus bachelor student, thesis Molecular Beam Scattering of Argon Clusters off Si(111)/SiO2, 2014
Hannes Wünsche, diploma student, thesis Überschall-Expansion von CO2 an der Phasengrenze, 2014
Jianchao Si, research internship, 2014
Elena Shylko, research internship, 2013
Neha Ghotane, research internship, 2012
Ramona Kositzki, diploma student, thesis Präzisionsmessungen der Flugzeitverteilung in Überschall-Molekularstrahlen dichter Fluide zur Untersuchung homogener Kondensationsvorgänge, 2012
Stefan Heinig, bachelor student, thesis Molekularstrahlexpansion von CO2 unter hohen Drücken, 2011
Muhammer Bulat, Ph.D. student, thesis Molecular Clusters of CO2 and CO, 2010
Beate Kieling, diploma student, thesis Abkühlung molekularer Freiheitsgrade bei der Hochdruckexpansion von Ethen, 2009
Adnan Sarfraz, Ph.D. student, thesis Nucleobases in Supercritical Fluids: Solubility, Molecular Beam Expansion, and Surface Deposition, 2009
Carsten Haupt, bachelor student, thesis Die Strömungsgeschwindigkeit von Propan bei der Molekularstrahlexpansion unter hohem Druck, 2008
Oliver Korup, diploma student, thesis Supersonic Jet Expansion of Supercritical Fluids: Unexpectedly Cold Beams of Ethylene and Propane, 2007
Dr. Raoul Blume, postdoc, 2006
Tim Krause, diploma student, thesis Molecular Beam Expansion of C60 in Supercritical Fluids, 2005
Sylvia Reinhardt, research internship, 2005
Dr. Svitlana Grigorenko, DAAD postdoctoral fellow, 2003
Stephanie Geggier, diploma student, thesis Molekularstrahl-Expansion von Koffein in überkritischem Kohlendioxid, 2002
Maria Kulawik, diploma student, thesis New Design of a Compact, High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer, 2001

Former Group Pictures

Research group 2014
Research group 2014
Research group 2013
Research group 2011
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